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Are You a Boss or a Bo$$?

National Boss’s Day is coming up next month. It’s a time when workers celebrate the leadership, contributions and wisdom of the man or woman in charge. Webster’s dictionary defines a boss as “a person who exercises control or authority, specifically one who directs or supervises workers.”

As a small business owner, a boss wears many hats. He or she not only possesses the qualities listed above, but this person is also responsible for moving the company forward, boosting brand recognition and profitability and constantly enlarging the business’s base of customers. A bo$$ is someone who thinks outside the box, who is always on the hunt for innovative marketing ideas and solutions to ramp up revenue and improve the company’s bottom line.

So how does a small business owner become a bo$$ in today’s uncertain economy and increasingly competitive ecommerce world? He or she must understand that most companies can’t survive on a cash-and-check only basis, that potential customers will hit the road when they see that you have no way of accepting their credit cards. Opening a merchant account is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of increasing your profitability, quickly placing you on the road to greater sales.

Why is this? It’s simple: Plastic is king! Prospective customers are more likely to make larger orders than those who pay with a check or cash. It’s easier for them to buy now and pay it off at a later time. A merchant account also means less waiting time at checkout. In a few moments, you can swipe a credit card or key it in and receive approval, versus having to wait for a customer to write a check or counting out and giving them back change. With mobile or wireless credit card processing, you can accept credit cards on the go, which is especially handy if you travel a lot for your business.

Why settle for being a boss when you can be a bo$$? Take control of your financial destiny with a merchant account that can build customer loyalty and dramatically increase sales.

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Boost Your Company’s Profitability with Merchant Services

Growing your small business is now easier than ever. By harnessing the power of the Internet, savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of a wealth of merchant services that will attract a larger customer base, jump start sluggish sales and boost their profitability.

When most people think of a merchant account, they tend to define it as an online system that allows them to accept credit and debit cards. That’s only part of the equation. Depending on which type of credit card processing agency you do business with, you can increase your company’s profitability by implementing the following services:

eCheck Options
. Even though we live in a society that loves to wield its plastic, it’s hard to believe there’s still a sizeable chunk of the population that doesn’t own a credit card. For these shoppers, a merchant account that processes electronic checks, or eChecks, comes in handy. With this type of service, the merchant collects the account information and routing numbers displayed on a paper check and processes the payment electronically through a secure widely-used network known as ACH (Automated Clearing House). The shopper’s checking account is debited directly and your account is credited. No more driving to your bank every couple of days to deposit paper checks.

Loyalty Program/Reward Cards
. A great credit card-based way to keep your customers coming back, as well as encouraging them to purchase more of your goods and services, is to offer rewards cards. These incentives also help you keep track of your customers’ spending habits to target them with specific offers. Depending on the credit card processing firm you partner with, they can set up the loyalty program as well as process and manage the reward points that shoppers rack up the more they buy. You can also consider adding gift cards to your menu of services, which can be branded with your company logo and colors. These cards not only inspire loyalty among your existing clientele, but they help you market to their family and friends as well.

The right merchant services can help brand your business as a leader in the ecommerce world, as well as expand your customer base. That’s why it’s vital to partner with a credit card processing company that understands your business needs and offers cutting edge products to enhance your bottom line.

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Small Business Marketing on a Small Business Budget

I thought I’d change subjects for a second and step away from merchant services and/or credit card processing. Though I’m a blogger and love providing free information on subjects that I’m knowledgeable about, I happen to be an online marketing expert and successful small business entrepreneur.  One thing that I learned over the past 10 years of starting multiple businesses: You need to market your business whether you have $5 or $5 million.  There are many ways to market a business, from offline to online to guerrilla marketing.  I’ve done it all and I must say that I became an online marketing expert because that is where my own businesses have had success. I have multiple online marketing companies (SEO, display advertising, etc) but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is my favorite marketing tool for both results and cost-effectiveness.  In fact, the only reason you found this blog or are one of thousands of people who read this blog each month; it’s 100% because of SEO. 

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The Interesting Relationship Between this Merchant Services Blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the Success of Small Businesses

I’ve always been interested in Small Businesses and making them successful.  I’ve started more than 10 successful businesses that now make 6 and 7 figures, and I came to realize that one of the most important aspects of a small business is being able to market the business on a tight budget.  Trying numerous tactics over the past 10 years, I came across Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A business that is over-saturated (like most industries, including merchant services).  SEO can be an expensive marketing tool or it can be an inexpensive marketing tool, depending on how much trial and error you go through to find a good company.  When I first tried SEO on my own business, I knew that if I really could get to the top of Google for certain keywords, I would get a lot of people interested in my company (after all, I search for things that I’m interested in through Google).  The problem was finding a good company.  I almost gave up after using numerous SEO companies and spending thousands of dollars with no results…I realized that there were really only 10 spots on the first page of Google and with thousands of SEO companies, they couldn’t all be doing a good job.  Finally, I was recommended to a company and gave it one last try.  It worked!!!  I got my business to the top of Google and started receiving calls the day it went to page 1.

Fast forward 3 years and now I run one of the most successful SEO companies in Los Angeles.  I found out how to get to the 1st page of Google at a reasonable cost.  I figured there had to be thousands of companies like me that had spent millions of dollars on SEO with no results….I had to find a way to show other businesses that it really could work, which is when I started LA SEO Services. Now, I could show other businesses how SEO can work. But there was one major problem, with the over-saturated SEO industry, I had to gain small business owner’s trust before I could show them SEO works…

You probably found this blog through a search engine, and in particular Google.  Is it starting to make sense?  I took one of the most competitive markets (merchant services) and got to the top of Google for 2 reasons:

1. So I give my input on merchant services, as I used to work in the industry and know the ins and outs.
2. To show other businesses that SEO does work and there are companies that can really make it happen (if you’re reading this, then SEO works).

Anyway, without spending too much of your time, I’d love to show you how SEO can work for your business so I am making an offer to all my readers of this blog:  Mention you found me through my merchant services blog and I’ll give you 50% off SEO services…this way, you can try SEO out at a reasonable cost and see how it works.  Most of our clients see an increase in traffic of over 100% within 3 months of using our SEO services.

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Are you looking for a more complete solution to help grow your business? I also offer business consulting at $250 per hour.  We can tackle everything from sales and customer service to finance and corporate culture. I have a 95% success rate of increasing profits for over 100 businesses.  Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000 employees, there are important fundamentals that all businesses need to be successful…no school can teach you them; only mistakes, experience and hard work can teach you how to run a profitable, successful business!

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Give Your Business a Boost with a Point-of-Sale Credit Card Machine

Some experts will suggest that if your business earns more than $250,000 in annual sales, you should invest in a Point-of-Sale (POS) credit card machine. However, in today’s competitive business world, it is highly suggested that you have access to a credit card machine even if you barely make the 250k mark. Whether your company has annual sales of 50k, 150k or 200k, having access to a credit card machine can be a great asset to your business.

Is Having a Point of Sale Credit Card Machine Overrated?

Often times, many business owners will only use online merchant payment gateways like PayPal or Google Checkout.  These online payment systems are great for small-sized businesses.  However, if you want your clients to take your business seriously, you need to be able to accept credit card payments.

Not all of your clients will want to use PayPal or Google Checkout to process their payments. Lets say a client wants to place a large order. Having a POS credit card machine is a lot faster.  There’s no waiting for a client to sign-up for a PayPal account or waiting for them to click onto a PayPal checkout link to submit a payment.  

Credit Card Machines are Perfect for Trade Shows & Conferences

Imagine what life would be like if you attended a trade show or conference and you had access to an efficient and robust POS system?  All you would need is the person’s credit card and that’s all. No submitting invoices and other inconvenient payment processing steps.  You can even accept credit card payments with your iPhone. 

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The Best Merchant Account

I've spent years researching and writing about different merchant services companies. Did you know that the best credit card processing company for a retail store, may not be the best merchant account for an online ecommerce store? This is why it is important to know everything so you can make an informed decision!
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