Wireless Merchant Accounts and Services

There are many options for wireless merchant services.  In fact, most companies offer some type of mobile device that you can plug right into your cell phone.  You’ve probably heard of Square or Squareup.com, as they are one of the new leaders.  But, what you didn’t know is that many credit card processing companies offer the same thing (or at least extremely similar…it may not be the shape of a square).  Merchant accounts through PayPal have a similar device to Square Up, along with a ton of others companies.  The bottom line is that you should research each merchant account’s fees, customer service and detailed information before you choose the big brand names.  Smaller companies might be able to offer you a better deal! Or maybe not…

Remember, you should never pay for a credit card terminal or wireless device…the best merchant accounts will come with them for free!

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I've spent years researching and writing about different merchant services companies. Did you know that the best credit card processing company for a retail store, may not be the best merchant account for an online ecommerce store? This is why it is important to know everything so you can make an informed decision!
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